7 Responses to “20 Writers. 10 Things.”

  1. Mike Feiman says:

    20 contributors this month? That’s got to be some sort of record! Thanks for hosting such a great (and easy) topic and for letting Frank brag about his foodie ways. :-)

  2. Bob Cmbwsu says:

    Good read all! As for Frank … he gets all the ladies and the best food and he’s not even real. Jealous? Yep!

    Thanks Cherry Bomb!


  3. FastMikie says:

    link to Jennifer B’s site is ok, but there’s no “Ten things…” post there!

  4. Samm D says:

    Hence the part where I wrote, “she will be a little tardy with her contribution”

    It will be there soon! Patience, FM…

  5. g2 says:

    You did an INCREDIBLE job Samm! Wow! Thank you!

  6. Great job Samm and thanks for the fun topic. :-)

  7. Michelle says:

    Hey this is the best article I’ve seen you do. Great job!

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