4 Responses to “Breaking 120 Balls”

  1. FastMikie says:

    the break was ok, but did he run out?


  2. Robert D. Johnson says:

    I subscribed to him months ago. His “Brothers” video is soothing to watch. “Click” (Umbrella) and “Biko” are too. If you don’t mind louder music, try “Jack” (Lumberjack) and “In Your Head” (Zombie). I learned that after the first stage performances of Lumberjack, the artist was asked to remove the chain from his chainsaw.

  3. g2 says:

    um — WOW!!!! That’s Crazy cool!

  4. Bartje says:

    Thanks for support Robert, your description is fantastic, made me laught like a baby :) Take care. Bart

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