3 Responses to “Cat-like reflexes!”

  1. FastMikie says:

    I can do that.


  2. Larry says:

    While this is a really cool video, it was a fake. I think it was for a commercial or some kind of PR stunt.

    On a related note, I was playing in a league match the other night in a crowded bar when I jumped the cue ball off the break at a *very* fast pace. It flew right by an old guy sitting at the foot of the table watching the game. I’m afraid of what could have happened if it would have hit him. Are people expected to break softer in crowded situations? Even during league matches? Are you supposed to ask everyone at the foot of the table to move?


  3. Samm D says:

    Aw, rats! I wish you hadn’t told me. :)

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